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Wonky Pots are hand-rolled and hand-built objects, intended for everyday use. Mugs, bowls, vessels, trays, bakers, and all, are kneaded and then rolled by hand using an old-school wooden rolling pin.

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Keep up to date with the latest goings on in the Wonky Pots' Studios. See the latest creations, items fresh out of the kiln, and even the latest flops - hopefully accompanied by a good story.

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Flower Bowl, large (seconds)

November 14, 2014

Hand rolled, hand stamped, and shaped in a form, this large serving bowl was hand drawn using glaze crayons and then painted with additional glaze. […]

Large handled mug (1404) : $15cdn

Hand rolled and hand stamped with wooden blocks from India, this mug has a large handle, making it perfect for wrapping your hands around a […]

Dead Fish Mug (1405)

Hand rolled and hand stamped, this mug is part of the Dead Fish Mug series. Find the dead fish over a hot cup of tea, […]